About Deshal

Deshal means Native. Started fifteen years back Deshal now is a stylish, matured and contemporary brand providing clothes and fashion accessories to the youth of Bangladesh. Deshal conveys the native arts and crafts of Bangladesh through their designs. They use hand embroidery with creative metal, beads and glass beads materials on colorful local handlooms products. Their designs are inspired from local folk tales to various art patterns that are scattered all around us.

Deshal started with only Fotua, a trendy yet famous type of shirt Bengali men wears. Now they make salwar kameez, sharees, skirts, tops, shawls, fotua, bapari shirt, sandals, bags, metal ornaments, household items (curtains, baskets, pillow covers etc) and kids wear. The 99 sft small one room outlet has now emerged into a total 5000 sft area located in Shahbagh, Dhanmondi, Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Chittagong, Sylhet and Bogura. Deshal has 9 sections for a smooth operation.

Bangladesh has been famous since ancient time for the outstanding weaving and creative materials such as Jamdani and Muslin. The pride however belongs to the handloom producers of the country. Conversely, in course of time due to various political, financial decisions and mass industrialization, the hand made products of Bangladesh is far from the glorious days. Like many other fashion houses Deshal too, patronizes local products and local craftsmanship. Deshal wants to uphold the native Bangladeshi materials, arts and crafts to the world, to popularize it in the global market. Thus the poor yet creative craftsman of Bangladesh will be able to produce the beautiful handmade products, which has been difficult lately due to the immense competition with machine made products. The love for native arts and crafts inspired Deshal to explore the world, for various other native arts and crafts, beside Bangladesh. As Deshal is expanding in a faster pace soon they will be able to incorporate the global arts and crafts in their product line.

Deshal has earned immediate popularity for the affordable price and quality. The products are moderately priced hence the products are within the reach of mass people. The reason they cater to middle income people is they want the native art and heritage to reach to the mass people through their dresses.

Special occasions such as International Mother Language day, Independence Day, Victory Day and Bengali New year inspire them in customized dresses, that emphasizes the events through colors and significant messages.

Deshal is a name of a dream created by three young artists of Bangladesh.